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BreakthroughSG provides a variety of courses to optimize client’s ability to their maximum capability. The options that are available through the websites could be customized accordingly to the client’s needs.

Digital Transformation

Help your business to win in the 21st century

This course will educate the participants on what is happening around the world with regards to technology evolution, the impact on business organisations and what needs to be done in order to bridge the gaps to reach their digital vision.
  • Research and evaluation of emerging technologies
  • Emerging technologies to address challenges
  • Evaluate the use of different types of emerging technology platforms
  • Evaluate emerging technology process improvement
    and flows

Negotiate To Win

avoid deadlocks and delays

This course will educate the learners on the full negotiation process – from preparation and planning to closing and post negotiation activities. Learn different negotiation techniques, behavioral analysis, strategies for various personality types, how to negotiate across cultures, and more.

  • The objectives of negotiation
  • The 2 types of Negotiation – Distributive and Integrative
  • Qualities of a negotiator
  • The 4 stages of Negotiation
  • BATNA & Questioning techniques
  • Roles and responsibilities in your negotiating team
  • Conflict handling styles during negotiation
  • The value of precedents
  • Documenting your outcome
  • Monitor, evaluate and measure your success for improvement
  • Negotiation preliminaries – Identifying the different buyer behaviors and tactics including personality and cultural differences

Fundamentals Of The PDPA

Data Protection & Privacy are Essential in This Digital Era

This 3-day course aims to provide course participants with a good overview and understanding of the PDPA, how the Act would apply to organizations, and what is required to be deemed compliant. In addition to references to relevant parts of the PDPA, the course content is also largely adapted from the Advisory Guidelines published by the PDPC.

  • Introduction to personal Data protection Act (PDPA)
  • Role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Develop a process for dispute resolution
  • Data protection provisions and do not call provisions
  • Managing data breaches
  • Create an organization’s Data Inventory Map (DIM) and identify possible areas of non-compliance
  • Training and communications to staff for compliance to data protection provisions

Social Media Marketing Fundamental 2

REACH OUT to more CustomerS ON Social mEDIA

This interactive Social Media Marketing course is uniquely designed for both newbie and seasoned marketers.

  • Establish social media marketing objectives
  • Map out social media marketing plan and customer journey
  • Evaluate social media marketing opportunities
  • Master social media marketing competitive intelligence research
  • Assess the pros and cons of major social media marketing platforms
  • Develop detailed buyer persona for conversion

Social Media Marketing Fundamental 3

Elevate your social media marketing skills to the master yoda level

This course will employ a Return-On-Investment-based (ROI-based), PEMM framework i.e. Plan, Execute, Manage & Measure to enable learners to execute their social media marketing campaigns more efficiently and effectively with the ultimate goal of generating a positive ROI from their social media campaigns.

  • Establish social media communications plans and guidelines
  • Establish the social media marketing KPIs for brand and various types of marketing campaigns
  • Maintaining privacy and confidentiality in data collection
  • Evaluate types of technology tools to assist in the management of social media platforms
  • Study the impact of market and consumer trends on social media
    marketing objectives or messages
  • Awareness and formulation of the social media marketing plan, policies, principles and guidelines
  • Understand the key elements of an organizational social media plan

Chatbot Marketing

Automation has Become the norm these days. Take advantage of Chatbot to Maximise Business Productivity & Profitability

Chatbot marketing provides extra touch point and to leveraging the chatbot’s highly programmable functions to achieve marketing objectives for the organization. Of all the chatbot’s powerful functions, its 24/7 availability and the ability to personalize responses significantly improves the customer experience and providing initial interaction which prevent customers from long waiting time.

  • The objectives of chatbot marketing
  • Develop chatbot user requirements
  • Chatbot marketing system testing methodologies
  • User acceptance test, training and support
  • Components, purpose & benefits of chatbot marketing system
  • Design chatbot system specifications
  • Types and purposes of information to be stored in the chatbot marketing system
  • Understand and compliance to PDPA obligations in personal data
  • Ways to collect user feedback to improve chatbot marketing system

Let's Go Online Shopping and Selling

The rising number of Online retailers have soared to record high since the start of covid-19. Are you part of the statistics?

The course introduces the world of ecommerce, its ecosystem and objectives. Learners will learn to examine consumers online shopping behavior, the do’s and don’ts in online buying and selling. They will also be exposed to how to perform evaluation of various types of online platforms and online merchants to ensure the products and services are displayed to the group of right target audiences. It is essential to reach out to the right target audiences for products and services promotions, also building a pool of raving fans that will buy from you time after time.

  • Tips to look out for when buying online
  • Find the best prices on Shopee and Carousell
  • How to sell away your preloved items online.
  • Learn to make online payment safely
  • How to create and run your mobile online store

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